My WR does not rev to highest rpm..second attempt

Hello guys,

I ride WR 400 98 European model, Yoshimura exhaust,WR timing, MJ 168, PJ 45, screw 1 3/4,DTM #4,air box lid removed,riding altitude 1000-2000 feet, 5-30°C from spring to autumn rarely during the winter, but without any jeting changes and without problems. Now I noticed hesitation at 1/4 - 3/4 trottle. I solved this problem by lowering needle clip to #2. ( probably more humidity now) . After that when I checket all the rev range of motor I noticed the motor does not revs to highest rpm and seems like there is some rev limitor et about 7000 rpm. It is more noticable on neutral and with clutch pushed and gear then when loaded.I have tried MJ 160-165-170-175 but no change.As I have mentioned above I have never changed jetting since I heve the bike so I decided threw to electric. I checked spark, coil, TPS, neutral swich, stop button, CDI magneto....valve clearance ..whatever I could even I have tried whole carb, CDI unit, coil from my buddy´s bike ( WR 400 99) but no change.I know it is too dangerous to rev unloaded motor to highest rpm and I do not do it, but my buddy´s bike revs without this symptom so I thing there is some faults on my bike.

If anybody have sens how to proceed any advice will be greatly appreciated


Are you saying that the bike won't rev very high in neutral? If so, I think that is the function of the neutral switch (at least on US models). I believe there is a much lower rev limit in neutral to allow the bike to pass some sort of a EPA or noise test. Does the bike rev normally in gear?



thanks for your answer. The bike won´t rev at highest rpm in neutral and in gear with clutch pushed when I stay as well . That is way I don´t think it is affair of neutral swich. I don´t feel it much when riding in gear but a little.


This may be a stupid question considering all of the other mods that you have done, but you have shortened the throttle limiting screw right?

I think you may have lowered the needle too far. I run mine at the #2 position also but Im at 4,300 to 9,300 feet in altitude versus your lower altitude. It sounds as though maybe you should be running at #3 to give the motor a bit more fuel in that throttle range.

Hi Dan,

You should be running at clip 3.

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