01 WR 426

Has anyone who previously owned a earlier modle WR 400 purchased and ridden the new 01 WR 426??? If so how about a comparison report.



I've only seen one post (on another board) that indicated any of the new WR426's were here - are they starting to come into shops here in the states now? (still waiting on mine)

are they starting to come into shops here in the states now? (still waiting on mine)

I live in the Salinas area (CALI) and have seen them at the dealerships.

That's good news to me! I'm not that far away, up here in Oregon. Maybe this week....

Clark, I should get my WR426 this weekend, I have ridden my WR400 for 3 years, back then in 98 I felt that I was the only one in CA with the bike. I bought my bike in NM and had it shipped here. I feel that I could give you an accurate comparison. I know you live close by and we could go rip on it. I know that you have spent alot of money and time on the WR and your opinion could be valued at TTalk. I usually ride in Mojave,Jawbone and Cal City. See Ya, Dan

I have a 3001 WR 426F. I have not owned any prior WR. I have owned CR 500's, XR 400's and ridden a few DRZ 400's. Here is my report after riding the WR for a couple of hours...

The motor acts more like a 2-stroke than any of the 4 strokes I have ridden. If you are climbing any long hill the rpm's do not drop. They stay on the top end (like the powerband of a 2-stroke). The tank seems big and bulky (3.2 gallons will have that effect...) but the steering seemed to have no problem with tight trails. There is a lot of grunt down low (I removed the baffle only) and did not notice any drop off in power as the rpm's went higher. I didn't do much jumping or MX'ing, just trail riding and a few hill-climbs on some 300 feet hills.

Overall, I am tickled blue about this bike! I am now looking for the YZ seat tank combo.. Any good ideas??

Thanks for reading,

Rod Whitlock

Guess I need to proof read more.. Should be a 2001 WR 426F.


Do you like it better then the DRZ400? I am looking for a replacement for my XR400. I ride New England woods.



I like the WR much better than the DRZ. I grew up riding hill-climbs, big bore 2 strokes and a GSXR 1100 in a dirt bike frame (Widowmaker type stuff...)

With that being said, the DRZ seems much to quiet for me. Nice power, smooth delivery, good turning, just no feeling of zip. When you jump the throttle there was no sudden 'get-up-and-go'. The bike belongs to a friend of mine, so I couldn't mess with it too much.

I have owned a '99 XR400 and I will say the DRZ was better as an all around bike. The XR was great in the mountains (I live in Utah), but the total power seemed less than the DRZ.

For me, the WR has more overall power, more of a 2-stroke type feel and power delivery. Plus you can lug the motor if you want for trail riding. I'm having a blast on mine!!

Hope this helps,


I own 99WR400, rode a 2001WR426 for about 10 km on Nov. 19. Mix of woods, open trail,couple of farm fields. Much stronger motor than 400. Way more low end grunt than 400, pulls hard and long all the way...Actually I felt the power would be too much for me for a whole day , but I'm 48. It pulls strong and that could be tiring. I found suspension a bit harsh on small bumps, slow to mid speed. Good on big stuff. However the harder you ride it the better it soaked things up.(Maybe cause it was new it was stiff) It feels heavier than my 400 and needed more input to turn it. Was rock stable at high speeds and goes way fast real fast...

Brakes were industry standard, however front brake seemed better than my bike...Thats my opinion on the 426...Also road a DRZ 400....same course.......liked the 426 better..

426 was bone stock


Ont. Canada

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I rode my new 426 for the 1st time the other day.very impressed. the new bike is torquier,very good power. Has lean jetting,but it is cold here in Ontario.

Paul Mooney

I live in Whitby, Probably seen ya at the Raglan Pits!


WR426 Power!

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