Any one use Plastic Renew on the gas tank?

I need new graphics and was wondering if I should use Plastic Renew on the tank first and then apply the Graphics. Any suggestions?

I did this to a KX 500 with good results, the better the sanding job the better the results. You will probably need more paper than is provided with the kit.

I was worried about messing up my tank so I sanded only where the graphics went but it came out very nice. I sold the bike a few months later so I don’t really know how it held up, but the graphics adhered very well to the treated areas of the tank.

Hope this helps!

Make sure you put the graphics on AFTER the plastic renew - I put the renew on first and the graphics peel it off and fall off right away. Put the graphics on first or be really disappointed!

Yikes, I am an idiot, I just read my post and don't know how I came up with that. Here is what I meant:

1) put the graphics on first

2) put the plastic renew on after


The plastic renew can be easily peeled off by stickers. I put my renew on first, then wrecked all my graphics when they fell off with the plastic renew stuck to them. Then I had to sand off all the plastic renew (hard because it chunked up into crystals), put the graphics on and then re-apply the renew.

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