MSR Cold Pro

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to mention that I just tried my new '03 cold pro gloves from MSR and they are great!!!

Last november I went riding at -6 celsius deg. wearing these gloves guys used to wear for working outdoor... and I had to stop several times to warm my frozen fingers. So I decided (following TT members advices) to buy msr cold pro gloves. This week, I went skiing with these gloves and they felt warm all day long. They are very thin so you feel the things you handle more easily than other gloves I've tried (like sinisalo enduro gloves just to give an example...)

Math :)

Check out the posts for the grip heaters. If you can't use them nobody needs to.

I just ordered a set a few weeks ago. I looked at my winter gloves and they were mediums. My mx gloves were large. So I ordered Mediums since the msr gloves are more like winter gloves. WRONG. They are too small. I need larges. Keep that in mind when ordering them. Otherwise they seem very nice.

I also have the grip heaters. They are pretty nice. I havent worked all of the bugs out with them yet but they seem to do there job.

I just rode 35 miles of single track in 30 deg weather today. Its not too often that you can ride in January in Michigan on dirt. :)

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