Stock 98 XR600 - basic performance recipe?

A friend just picked up a nice stock 98 XR600 (California) . Can you direct me to a site or FAQ on the basic performance todo's on this machine? You know the standard stuff that needs to be done like

Remove Snorkle


Smog garbage


I used to have a 95 XR600 that was done up pretty good, porting, FMF, suspension, etc... and I always went to Baja Designs and Precision Concepts for my work, these guys are XR experts and can set your friends bike up good. The best thing I did to mine was the suspension at Baja Designs. Check the internet or 411.

The best pipe I ran on mine was the FMF IV (I think that was the name) I had a supertrapp and before that I had the bigger exhaust tip which was almost as good a the supertrapp but the FMF was by far the best, my friend had the FMF megamax and it did not work that well, so don't get that one. Other than the above mods plus the normal mods, bars, pegs, etc... these bikes are pretty fun left alone, in fact sometimes I miss my 600 over my 00 xr650 for the comfort and cornering on high speed turns, I later learned the BRP needs to have the throttle on in the fast turns or it drifts. Good luck w/ the mods

Baja Designs, like XR/CRDave said, is a good source of info and parts, and their number is 760-560-2252. When I first got my '95, I had no idea what to do to it, so I called them and over the years have just added to it using their advice. I had Precision Concepts do the suspension though. I don't know their number, but they are in El Cajon, Ca., and I think their website is

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