Exhaust Location / Shock Reservoir

In comparing the other makes to the YZ, it seems that the YZ's mid pipe is the closest to both the carb and rear shock reservoir. I put some heat shield between my pipe and float bowl, and it seemed to help. What about the shock reservoir? They even have a nice little sticker from the factory stating how not to expose to heat/flames!!! yet, the pipe gets pretty hot and the reservoir practically sits on it? Does this compromise the performance of the shock? In looking at the new CR, they even come w/ the "shorty" reservoir similar to the pro bikes, keeping it well above the pipe.

It appears logical that the pipe would heat the shock, and that would be bad, but in the first place, convection does really work quite that well, especially with air blowing over it, and the shock body is aluminum, so it conducts and radiates heat very well. Also, there is no oil it he reservoir, just nitrogen, and nitrogen is not much affected by heat (the reason it's used in shocks).

It won't hurt to shield it, but I don't believe it necessary.

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