I guess you guys are stuck with me now.


welcome to the forum!

have fun with the free mods. it's a great way to learn more about your nice shiny bike.

So.... what oil are you running......

LOL, had to tease you. Nice and clean.... for today.

Did you do the Gray wire yet?

You bought one too? I got one last week aswell, they are badass!

Did you do the Gray wire yet?

Well, so far for mods I have ordered the AIS removal kit... [along with other nice goodies like springs, skid plate, and scotts mount]

She sits bone stock, I rode it around in the yard... pretty scary how plugged up she is right now. But I know what it will do in a few days.

The Grey wire and throttle stop screw is a night and day change, like going from a CV stock DRZ to a FCR/BB/Stroker/Yosh. For fun, on my WR, I did not cut the wire, I put a toggle switch on it so I could use the WR ignition map. Never ridden any place where I felt the WR map would be advantageous. But if someone I have been riding with wants to "Check out the bike", I flip it to the WR map. They return impressed, as they think I am a better rider than I really am because the WR mapping is so slow.

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