Its officially Jan 03. WR450's please. Thanks.

Nice try :)

If this delay continues much longer, I'll gladly give up my ordered WR450 for a 2004 model. Hondas CRF250X is lookin' pretty nice about now. I'm just about done with any patience left for Yamaha. :)

Check the other posts, I think in YZ 400. There is an Australian website with pictures, text and a test on the new WR 450. It should give you enough reason to wait a little longer.

Yes, Yamaha there is a brand new KTM 525exc at the same dealer that my deposit will transfer to. But you know what Yamaha dont care. They know every one of these machines is sold. And if Yamaha does it right like they usually do it will be worth the wait. Tim

Whatever! I agree with you that the KTM's should be considered but I disagree on all of the bikes being sold because they are Yamahas. When I was looking for a new ride in early "02" I called some Yamaha dealers and tried to get a good deal on a "02" WR426 and no one would come down to a good price. In late "02" I called the same Yamaha delers about deposites on "03"WR450 and they said "we can make you a great deal on a new "02" WR426"

My point is, that it is the dealer that makes the bike a good deal or not. If the dealer wouldn't of been greedy I would of bought a Yamaha right on the spot, but I knew that they could do better on price. So instead of just gaining/makeing an extra $1000.00 they lost $10,000 because I will never by a bike or parts or accersories from them.

I hear you on the greed Pumpkinhead. I am under the impression that for some reason Yamaha did not build a very large run of bikes for the introduction of the wr450, but I must admit I am ignorant of Yamahas production plans and just going on hearsay. Am I gonna be hacked at myself a year from now because dealers are selling left over 2003 wr450s at a $1000 less. Tim

I am under the impression that for some reason Yamaha did not build a very large run of bikes for the introduction of the wr450.

That would be pretty short sighted thinking on their part.

There is a dealer in Toledo that is already advertising them on Cycle Trader, as if they have them in stock:

Honda East - Ad for WR450F on Cycle Trader

Seems like there are plenty of YZF450's to go around (several sitting on the floors of the Yami dealers here) and I bet it will be the same for the WR's. They're saying a limited production run but I'd be willing to bet that after the initial orders are filled (for those of us that have been waiting) there will be plenty of WR's to go around for those that want one.

What is the release date on the wr450 anyway?

I had my order for a 450 in June of last year. I got tired of waiting and wandered into a Yamaha dealership that also sold KTM. Two days later I had an 03 525 EXC. What an awesome bike this is. I ride with WR and YZ 400's and 426's and I respect their bikes, but There is no comparison IMO. Yes I paid $1k more than they did but the quality of the bike is worth the extra $$. I have had 0 problems and only changed the jetting to richen up a lean condition and I love how quiet it is.

Can't stop grinning!! :):D

Welcome to the dark side....I mean <font color="orange">orange side Luke. May the fours be with you.


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