Yz450f Pics/graphics search

Hey, i recently purchased a 2004 yz450f and im looking for some ideas on colors/graphics. I was thinking about going black plastic with gold rims but i have had a hard time finding pictures of it to see how it would look after. If you all could post some custom plastic/graphics for the yz450f id appreciate it. here is a pic of my new bike.


Are you planning on powder coating the frame? Reason I ask is that it might look kind of goofy with a blue frame, black plastics, and gold wheels. I was going to do the hurricane graphics with yellow plastic on my '03 and decided it's just not worth the trouble of disassembling the whole bike to powder coat the frame black. Plenty of good looking graphics kits out there though, just take a look at ebay or one industries. The TT store has a few too I believe.

Yeah with the frame blue (and the gas tank is blue also right?), you're limited on changing up the colors...Maybe white plastics, with some blue in the graphics???

There was a guy on here a couple weeks ago with a white '03 or '05 with a white Clarke gas tank and a black powdercoated frame and it looked sharp ------ Black looks played out really quick, unless you don't ride it

I think most people should stay close to a corporate color scheme --- (White, blue or Yellow) -- but --- its your bike. i love the White and red vintage look

mine is pictured below and is more white and black, but i am a totally understated guy, so i like a scoot that is kind of conservative

Again -- your call --- black looks great in the parking lot , but after 10 rides, looks like it needs new plastic


Well after a 10 hour drive yesterday, I finally have the bike home.:worthy: The only way i can describe it is Wow! its an 04 and has 12 hours use on it. The bike is in showroom condition, and looks like its never been ridden. there is not a spec of dirt or oil/grease anywhere on it. Even the rubber fin between the knobby tread on the tires is all still in place. I will post more pictures later today when i get the camera out. I have fallen in love with the blue plastic and think im going to just keep it this way. Thanks a lot for the comments. I was surprised to hear it was a 4 speed transmission. I guess it just catches me off guard because i always assumed they were 5 and 6. Im sure i won't be disapointed tho. :thumbsup: Happy riding!

Sounds like the best possible outcome ----- which makes me wonder-- how can someone buy a 6000$ bike, and then not ride it? only to sell it for a song 4 years later ? oh well

I hope you get a lot more use than the last owner did

Yeah i dunno, but I definately plan to get some use out of it! hoping to build my own track possibly later on!

Cool. I picked up an '03 last week and it was the same kind of deal, the previous owner rode it so little that there isn't even any paint wore off the frame or the clutch cover. I went through the bike and changed fluids, new air filter, repacked all the bearings, and repacked the silencer and it rides like a new bike! :thumbsup:

here are some pics of mine.. got it about a month ago...put the graphics kit on last week...Have not been able to ride it yet:cry:





Wow, the graphics did wonders for your bike.

Yeah I will have to agree with the last fella, plain white wasn't doing it for me, but after you threw the graphics kit on there it totally changed the look of your bike! very nice. I am currently waiting out the 72 hour exportation timer from the USA. I have the bike at my grandmother's house in maine right now, and last night was the first night I have had to get a first ride on it! You know, I was concerned about the 4 speed transmission, but overall the bike has so much nut, the 4 speed isn't going to be a problem. I drive a 2005 fjr1300 street bike and i was thuroughly impressed with this dirtbikes power even after riding such a big street bike. This is going to be a blast. Anyone know of any decent tracks/trails to ride in Down east Maine? It did take me a few minutes to really loosen up on the bike, I haven't ridden dirt since i was a teenager. I don't think it will take me long to get back into the comfortable groove of it tho! I did notice that my hands were doing some crazy aching after trying to hang onto this thing, maybe it was my nerves or maybe it just really has that much power. Either way I gonna have some fun with this machine!

LOL -- it was BHS' bike i was talking about in my first post in this thread . The graphics look great on it dude.

RK, as for the 4 speed, that should be all you need for moto and trails. They have the tranny gears dialed to take advantage of it . I actually wish my '08 was a 4 speed, i have very little use for gear #5, but sometimes absentmindedly get stuck in it on a fast portion of track, then it takes 2 downshifts for the turms instead of 1

Some of the racers back in that era ('00 -'05 or so) actually used 3 speed trannys for supercross , but those were undoubtebly works pieces with internals most of us can't readilly get

Oh well, enjoy the new bike man, and i usually just poke around on the internet a little or ask someone at a dealership where to find riding areas

<a  href=003xt7.th.jpg' alt='003xt7.th.jpg'>
I did notice that my hands were doing some crazy aching after trying to hang onto this thing, maybe it was my nerves or maybe it just really has that much power. Either way I gonna have some fun with this machine!

Learn to grip the tank with your knees and loosen up your grip on the bars. That should help with the sore hands. Have fun!

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