Idle Adjustment

Is there a set amount of turns to start with when adjusting the idle. It's on a 98' YZ400F. Been messin with it and just want to start fresh. Manual doesn't really say and search didn't turn up anything specific. I'm just interested in the adjustment with the knob for now. Thanks for your time.

Idle speed, or idle mixture?

Idle Speed. Sorry , not very clear. Another quick question, Taffy mod worth it or is there a better way of doing the same thing just better? Thanks.

I don't think there's a listed base adjustment for the idle speed. Just have to guess.

The idea of the Taffy Mod is similar to the BK mod for 426's. It's supposed to limit the length of the accelerator pump shot on the assumption that the bog is caused by too much fuel. It might be good to do, but I would get your bike back to "normal" first and go from there.

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