WR stumbles on top end!

If you know anyone with a similar bike you can try part swapping before you buy.

Find a willing donor with a similar bike model and try a temporary carb swap. You can at least eliminate or confirm if the carburetor has anything to do with the problem. If the problem goes away, you know where to focus.

If the problem persists after temporary carb swap you can follow the electrical path.

This thread seems to have died a death without good reason.

Jason - We'd be interested if you found a solution! Was it electrical? fuel-related?

Cheers mate

I ended up bringing the bike to the dealership. They had it for about a month or so waiting for a back ordered factory Yamaha "block- off" kit.

When I bought this bike it had most the "free mods" done but not all. This block off kit finished the mods- removal of the AIS and different needles, main, pilot, leak and some other parts.

When I got the bike back it was mid November, barely 30 drgrees. I did test ride it. It obviously must of been running lean- how much this affected my test ride I do not know. My test ride was short(cold) but in this test ride it RIPPED! I believe part of it was from running lean(I havent had a chance to look at the plug from my test ride yet) and part from the problem being fixed. Back before I brought it to the dealer, I removed the airfilter and filter box door to try to create a leaner condition since the plug was comming out black but it did not affect the "problem"

If you read in my earlier post, we did try to lean out the main which did smoothen it out but at the sacrifice of the power band. Thats why everbody kept pointing to the elec. It still boggles me a little but the only thing I can think of is that the combo of installing the Block off kit and changing to the different needle along with main(I believe the other jets were changed out as well) must have all worked together to fix this bike.

Note: I wont really know if this bike is completely fixed untill spring when I get out on the trails again. My test ride was limited. With that said, when I tried to recreate the "studder" on the 3rd try on my short dirt road, the power band came on earlier than I expected and I wheelie/flipper it over on top of me. I think earlier I would have had to "try" to do this.

Anyway, thanks to all that gave me suggestions on this thread. :bonk:

BTW, I quess I may be eating my earlier quote for dinner "it is DEFINATELY not the carb"

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