Jetting issue?

I made a thread the other day regarding my bike ran bad in wet conditions.

One of the answers was that it might be a jetting issue.

We have 10-15 degrees C here in Sweden and the humidity is between 70 and 95%, very wet! I ride at sea level.

Here is my jetting

Fuel screw 2 1/2 out.

Pj #45

stock needle 4th clip

Mj 175

My bike has a ported head, quickshot, and a power bomb.

The bike is easy to start and runs like monster from idle to full throttle.

No backfireing or bogging, except from the rainy weather issue.

I see that many of U guys runs #48 in pilot, and I U got warmer conditions over there.

Well, I live in Washington state and we get a lot of rain. And I'm not that high from sea level. I run a 48 pj and a 170 mj.

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