07+ large tank

a few weeks ago i saw a picture of two bikes 1 clarke and one ims side by side can anyone lead me back to this picture or have a picture of a clarke and ims tanks cheers


My bike a ims tank and black plastics


also with blue



Basically, the IMS is a bit smaller than the Clarke, 3.2(?) versus 3.6 gallons. The Clarke is about 2 or 3 inches taller but more importantly, it also blocks the rear side of the radiator a little bit more than the IMS.

Additionally, the IMS uses a bracket to attach the front of the tank behind the head tube. A minor inconvenience but still there.

Overall, I'm happy with my Clarke and my friend is happy with his IMS. I guess it really just comes down to whether you want a Clarke or an IMS.

Best of luck.


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