my 03 yz450f is dumping gas!!

I just put my carb back on after fixing the hot start plunger, and now gas is running out of one of the drain hoses till I turn off the gas.

It dosnt seem to do it when its running, but I could be wrong. Is the float stuck?

float is stuck or you have a little piece of crap in the needle. Turn the gas on and with the handle of a screw driver tap the side of the float bowl a coule times....couple good smacks with a screwdriver handle should free it up. Then just keep an eye on it if it fixes it. If not, your gonna have to pull the carb again and clean it. Chances are the float is just hung up a bit due to it being flipped around while you were working on it with no fuel in the bowl....give it a couple of smacks and see if it fixes it.

cool, I was hoping for that response. Would using seafoam be a good idea too?

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