'08 YZ450F Lighting

Has anyone found a source or tech tip to generate enough power for a Stop and taillight if not headlight also? BD does not do anything so I am thinking small battery pack for rear lights for limited street use and some kind of faux headlight that is battery powered if there are no stator choices.

In arizona these are the minimum requirements along with a horn and mirror which I have.

Thanks for any wisdom.

do a search. I put an electrosport lighting coil on my 06. runs a headlight and led tail/brake. very dim at idle unless you rectify and add a batttery. I dont ride at night anyways though so it works for me.

you could try some LED headlights. I found some on ebay that are the equivilent of 25w halogen , but only pull 2w. I plan on using a mega video cam battery on them. On paper, it should power 2 of these lights for 16hrs before hitting 1/2 power.

Look up 12v dc led on ebay, and make sure they are waterproof.

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