2008 YZ450F Gearing

I intend to use this bike for very tight and technical ST and am thinking I will try going down one size one front sprocket.

Any recommendations from experience if that is enough? I will be going on first ride with it Saturday since buying it used and plan to change sprocket tomorrow.


Dropping to a 12 up front is quite a change...roughly equivalent to running a 53 on the rear. I would try it with the stock 13/49 gearing frst.

OTOH a front sprocket is relatively cheap if you try it and don't like it.

12 is pretty small, and sprockets that size tend to wear both themselves and the chain faster.

If you're not sure you'll like the gearing, use a 52 or so from JT or Sunline. You should be able to pick one up for under $40.

I agree - I think I will try a 51 on the rear and see how that is!


My brother ran a 12t on his 01 426 this year during our annual Taylor Park/ Crested Butte Colorado ride. We do lots of technical singletrack and he absolutely loved it. I believe he was also running a 51t rear. It would pull stumps out of the ground and would tractor up any trail we went on. For the $15-20 it will cost you, I'd recommend it.

Thanks, A friend had a 52 which I put on and the heavier flywheel at the same time and I was quite pleased with it. It worked much better on ST and still had enough topspeed to run 5th gear in washes and keep up!!

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