Another Friend Dies.....

I didn't know this guy personally, but he got killed at a dirtbike/ATV park I ride at in South Carolina called TNT. We dirt guys have to stick together..... any prayers from you guys remembering his friends and family will be appreciated. Here is a copy of an e-mail I recieved:

Tim-if you know Barbara you know how upset she is. :)

I found this at

Death at TNT:

Bryan Patteron age 30 of Cornelias, NC was killed yesterday December 30, 2002 at TNT MotorSports in Chester SC.. According to witnesses, Bryan was attempting the 80 foot greestyle jump when he lost control of the bike and was killed. The funeral is being handled by Harry and Bryant Company of Charlotte NC 704-332-7133.

Please have both the Patterson family and the staff of TNT in your thoughts.

Tim---I'm sorry I just didn't want anyone to hurt more they had too. It was just very dramatic--all the EMS/Firetruck/ and Chopper that came in.

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