That chaps my ass!

Sure the new WR450 looks great. Sure I'm pulling my wallet out as I speak. Sure I'll probably risk my marraige by buying one. But damn freakin' hard would it have been to put that seat tank combo on these bikes from day one?

I am convinced that this '03 bike was ready as is from day one in '98. It is like computers...bait and switch. Obsolete when you take it home. I am just now learning.

I am waiting for next years WR520 :)

Yup, I've always said companies have a conpiracy to make things break, blow up, burn, fall off, etc. in a calculated amount of time. I bet they all have a prototype electric dirtbike.

my 98 yz400 has the housing mounting points cast into the engine casings for an electric start

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