Question on "in frame" oil tank?

I was wondering if the "in frame" oil tank on the YZ450F is used for oil capacity or oil cooling? I'm wondering because in my hybrid I have an oil tank mounted, but was wondering if an oil cooler might be a better choice. I understand that the engine is a dry sump system, is that correct? If I were to use an oil cooler, how much oil capacity would it need to hold?


High Wheelies!

It's just an oil tank. There may be some cooling effects also, but they are not necessary for average riders. The aluminum frame 450s actually have the oil tank built into the engine cases, so all of the oil is held internally. If you are going to be riding in extreme conditions (I don't know what your application is), an oil cooler wouldn't hurt, but I would probably also keep the oil tank, just increase the oil volume even more.

The oil tank is the oil supply of the engine. No cooler that I can think of (for a motorcycle or ATV) would have anything like the capacity required. the tank should hold at least 1 quart.

The YZF engine is a dry sump system. Read:

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