Sidi vortex boots - Who has them?

I just bought a new pair for 190.00 (thanks to Husky Texan!) and am wondering how you like them. I didn't receive them yet. Please give me the -'s and +'s of the boot and how many hours ride time you have on them and how they are holding up. Hopefully they will be mostly +'s. Thanks!

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I have a pair of sidi srs vortex's. These were 300.00 online. I LOVE them. they are extremely comfortable and give great support.I really like the adjustable calf system and the replacable soles. The only drawback is that they are so nice looking I feel guilty wearing them in the dirt.

I've been thinking of going with the Sidi Flex Force. What is the Vortex? I went to the Sidi website, and only saw FlexForce. Can you tell me more about the vortex?


You have the Force SRS not the Vortex. They don't make the vortex with the screwed on sole.

CY in CA

Go to They have pictures of all their boots, very good pictures I might add. I did NOT get the Force or Force srs because 2 thing's I don't like. I read over and over agiain the plastic and screw or screw's really are hard on the frame or plastic of the bike. Certain bikes - better and worse.

Main Reason though is they won't fit your calves right if you have large ones - even though it's ajustable. This I read from more then one guy also and some had to sell them because of this. Also think the Vortex will be the cadillac of their boots in the line up in the comfort zone area.

I just like the more conventional look also and the fact that their 3/4" higher then the Force's. They seem like they are about right smack in the middle between Alpine's Tech 6 + 8. Plus I could noy refuse the excellent price at 190. It is very rare to get them at that price. A shop in texas was clearing them out and I was lucky they had my size! They list for 245 and I have never seen the Alpine's or Sidi's at a discount. Probably because they have no trouble selling them?

<font color="brown"> Go check them out!

My bad you are right. I have the sidi flex force srs. I was looking at both boots when I posted last and i mixed up the names. Thanks for pointing out my error. I use frame guards on my bike to protect from boot marks.

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