Ignition with a key?

So basically anyone can just hop on my bike and take off as of now. Not cool, i go to school in the city and when shes on the road monday i dont want to come out and not find my bike. I searched around a little and didn't really find what i wanted. Anything simple like a r1 or r6 ignition that could be wired up to the wr? Also what about some sort of lock when you turn the wheel its locked to the left/right? For now im just going to use a pad lock through one of the holes in the back rotor but thats kind of ghetto. Thanks - Brian

I used a blaster key switch on my 07 wr . In a blaster's switch there are two switched leads . in it's stock form you can wire it with your kill button . I did not hook it up like that , but it will work . I soldered leads on the other two outputs and used it to switch my power on.

baja designs also sells a kill type switch that is closed when the key is off .

Ps I still don't leave the bike just sit outside , It takes alot more then a key to stop a thief . you could wire your switch to kill the ignition and engage a mercery switch hooked up to a 110 volt inverter . so if some grabs the bike off the kick stand it will rail them with 110 volts that might stop them.

hahaha thats pretty good. It will be garaged at night, but during the day when i have school/work it will be sitting outside. Not a big deal i suppose just seemed wierd that it didnt have a key. Thanks for the info i will look into the blaster setup along with baja designs

your best bet is to lock wheels up and chain to a stationary object, I was making a freight delivery to a customer his bike was there when i backed up to the dock went inside to deliver two pallets and when we went out he watched his bike get hauled away! and 1100's weigh alot more then a dirtbike does!

I went with the BD on my 02 because it doesn't have a battery like the bikes with the "magic button". If I had e-start I think I would go with one from a the TTR125/230/250.

hey guys,

its sorta funny tho.. i know my wr is a preformace machine

but my ttr90 has a key ????? but not my WR ?? oh well!




Our Aussie WR450Fs come with all the regular road gear.

Many guys strip most of this off for serious enduro riding.

You might be able to buy an ignition key setup from someone here?


okay thanks guys ill start my search!

you can also wire in a switch hidden kind of behind the number plate. The sad thing is a theif probably won't even try to start it. They'll just wheel it into a trailer/pickup. It would be nice to have a wheel lock so they couldn't steer it. The 110 volt idea sounds good.

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