Sidi vortex boots - Who has them?

I just bought a new pair for 190.00 (thanks to Husky Texan!) and am wondering how you like them. I didn't receive them yet. Please give me the -'s and +'s of the boot and how many hours ride time you have on them and how they are holding up. Hopefully they will be mostly +'s. Thanks!

02 CRF - Azonic Bars, Scotts supercross clamp, AMP LINK - HAD TO TAKE OFF. Seal Savers, N-style Seat Cover and Backgrounds, MSR Radiator Guards, E-line C.F. Pipe Guard, S.S. Oil Filter, Fastway clutch bracket and case saver, Pro- Armor Skid Plate, 4+1/2 off muffler with Pro Moto spark arrester and silent insert, Iron Man Rear Sprocket, Emig Chain Guide, E.K. o-ring chain , Bridgestone M 401 and 402, Twin Air filter, rare RC49 hot start lever, Kouba pilot screw and Acerbis MX handguards, MSR - Not "On the fly" but "In the Pits" quick adjust clutch perch, Air bleeder valve's for forks. Da dip, Da dip, Da dip, Da Dhat's all Folks!

I bought Sidi boots this past summer. Not sure if they are the Vortex or not, but they are very comfortable. It took about 2 ride days (6 hours or so total) for me to get used to shifting & the like with them. (I'd only ridden in my Docs previously) Over Thanksgiving I had a little 8-10 inch slide down a hill, they got a scratch on the buckle and thats about it. Overall, I really like them. (PS - My FIL likes them better than my hubby's A'star M6's!!!)

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