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Hello All...

Just started reading the group last night& Had to join right away. Thanks to everyone for the information they have gathered on the WR's. I Ran right down to the garage and ripped off the lid, cut the grey wire, and did the BK Mod. I only hope I could return the favor someday with some new information.

Thinking about the 03's, does anyone think the Starter will hold up on the 12.5/1 engine. I know

the TTR-250 has had some problems on the starter gear...

By the way, since I purchased my new 02 WR426

I now have a 2002 TT-R 250 for sale....$3,300

Again, Thanks to all,


Email for info bmill@epix.net

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welcome to the TT community...

Anything at all about your WR has been asked here at one time or other in the past... even what colour to repaint the frame... LOL

The search feature is your most powerful resource, but then, once all the reading has confused you until your head spins, come back and ask your specific questions and we will try to help...



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