Question about Pivot Works???

Tore down the swingarm today and I saw exactly what I was hoping not to see.

My bike is a 99 so I am fairly pleased they lasted as long as they have considering this is only my 4th inspection of the swingarm/linkage bearings.

I am going to go ahead and order both sets and replace all the collars/seals/sleeves at once. Does the needle bearings come with this kit too or should I order those seperatly from Yamaha?

Just by looking at the pictures of the kits on the internet it dosent appear is if the needle bearings are included.

Also, can anyone send me pics of the bestplace to put grease zerks on the linkage/swingarm? I am seriously considering this but obviously this is something you do not want to screw up.


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I rebuilt my linkage with this kit and everything was there. Needed a bit of heat to get the originals out though.

Do a search on zerks. I am not too sure about how successful they were.



I'm getting ready to do my WR and YZ here in the next few weeks. I am going to go with the factory replacements after speaking with several different mechanics from different shops concerning the PW replacement kits. Without fail each recommended that the factory bearings be used and sited specific instances of premature failure with the PW's... I figure almost 4 years of hard riding without failure does speak volumes for the Factory Bearings so they have a point.

The only thing holding me up is that I don't have the Motion Pro bearing press yet.

Let me know how it works out.

Bonzai :)

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

The only thing holding me up is that I don't have the Motion Pro bearing press yet.


Yama, Whats this bearing press? Im not that steeped in knowledge for this project as this is the first time I have ever done a full on swingarm bearing job.

I have pressed bearings in before with a socket and vise but do you need this Motion Pro press to do this job correctly?

Ok, I dont some research and I see what Yamakaz is talking about... heres a pic.


They want $99 for this. It dosent look like it would be too hard to go to the local hardware store and pick up the items you need for this for less than $3-4

What do you think Bill?

here's a few photo's of the grease nipple fitment. PRESS HERE i put two on top of the swingarm and one in the end of each pivot bolt. i finally put one in the middle of the central linkage bar.

you can see pictures of the ones in the end of the bolts and the central one in the pivot bar. you can even see the one on the left upper next to the chain runner. the only one you can't see is the one on the right.

this is the one that went wrong for me. i had drilled and tapped at the back edge of a "square" in the casting on the S/A. the GN got bent over on a jump one day and ripped out. i should have drilled completely off the back of the "square" or better still cone more toward the inner bearing where there is no crankcase for the zerk to knock against.

other than that i was dead chuffed with the results.


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How much is the pivot works kit in the U.S ?

Uk. £70 for the swinging arm and £80 for the linkage. Can a gen. set be much more ?

Cheers Shane.

Here its $60 for swingarm and $70 for linkage.

Bill - Its $130 for the pivot works kit and $215.79 for the OEM parts through Thats quite a difference. I might have to give the pivot works a chance anyways because of the huge price difference.

Plus, add $28.26 for the 2 collars that go into the engine crankcase. (if you want those)

I doubt those come with the Pivot Works kit though.

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I am a little surprised the Pivot Works are "inferior" per-se via the shop mechanics.

I guess I am having a hard time accepting that... :D

I wonder if it a matter of stick w/ OEM?? :)

I dunno. Kinda like "Genuine" Mopar or AC Delco replacement parts...

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Uh, nevermind.....

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