Top speed?

Do any of you guys know what the top speed is on an XR650 is with stock gearing?

13/48 90 mph

14/48 (stock) 97 mph

15/48 104 mph

I have run all three. Now I pack a 13T front sprocket and ride with a 15T. If I get on a trail that requires a 13T I can change it out in 15 minutes with the tools that I carry.

Really like the 15T for desert riding. You can wind that BRP out and it still has more to give.

14/48-is that stock with no mods on the bike other than the jetting, baffle, and air box?

If so, than my bike is faster than my brother's WR426(SWEET!!!) He just took it out to El Mirage, CA this past weekend and did some speed runs, topped out at 89mph(Stock- no mods)


With stock gearing and Hop Up Kit (includes Honda's replacement baffle/exhaust tip), I was able to hit 92 Mph before I started running out of dirt road. I still had more top end so I feel that 95-97 is achievable.

What I really like with the 15/48 gearing is how much acceleration I have in fourth gear. The BRP has no match. :)

The new baffle is less restrictive and helps with the top end.

14/48-is that stock with no mods on the bike other than the jetting, baffle, and air box?

The stock bike with the addition of proper jetting, airbox and exhaust mods will pull that speed and will go even faster with different gearing. One of the magazines did a speed shootout about 6 months ago and the XR650R beat out the other bikes tested. They installed a new cam, jetting, exhaust, different gearing, removed the front fender, headlight, handguards, etc, and got her up past 130 from what I recall.

Thanks for the replies, 100 is plenty fast for me on the dirt. I've been to 150 on pavement, still not as scary as 100ish on a fire road.

I have made it to 94 MPH (using a GPS)on a dry lake bed in Johnson Valley and then decided it was fast enough. It got to 90 fairly quickly and then started to gradually gain more momentum. I believe it would hit the high 90's. Have stock gearing and am uncorked.


The fastest I've been on the XR650 with stock gearing was in Carson city and the GPS said 86.3 MPH on the dirt. With 15/47 gearing I hit 99.1 on the race bike in Baja and 96.6 on the beach on my stock bike. I'm sure there is some loss do to wheel spin. :)

You've been to Carson City? :)

Just teasing. What was the top speed at the mystery 250 on the DRZ? I think it was 87mph with a 15 tooth css.? :)

That sounds about right Keith. If your going to go on this Baja trip 1/30-2/2 then expect to go about as fast as we did on the Mystry 250. We cruz around 45-55 mph most of the time. Some parts you can ride 80mph no problem. Right now I'm running a 15/47 but have extra sprockets just in case we do some single track.

I'm running 14/50 gearing, but was going back to 14/48 for the trip, if I can go. I don't need a plate do I?

No, all you need is proof of ownership to get into Mexico.

I guess, I'll take the mso to DMV and get a title in my name. Is your BRP dual sported?

Hi. I have a 2000 model XR650R with the power up kit installed, as well as a complete Big Gun race series exhaust system (headers and silencer). With this setup, and with stock gearing, I was able to achieve 102mph as noted on my aftermarket speedometer, and verified by my gps as being only 2 mph off. So, top speed as measured with GPS with stock gearing and above mods, was 102mph. Reaching 95mph was very quick business, after that, it was a gradual increase up to top speed. Hope this helps.

Just trying to decide what gearing is ideal from singletrack to Baja. Thanks :)

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