time to retire big red

looks like the bike i have been waitin for is here. all he complaints i had with the wr have been addressed. e-start, auto comp. release,

flater seat to tank. the might xr has been good to me, but i think its time to move on.

Last time I checked, there wasnt a desert in Michigan. I wouldnt worry too much about this new WR "not lasting". Mines been bulletproof, and I have hammered it pretty good.

I also came off a 96 XR600. Best move I ever made. The WR feels like a rocket compared to that 600. :D:) And the new bike should be a bit lighter than my '01.

nope , no deserts in michigan. :)


I'm sure Michigan has it's own challenges. I should have said longer higher speed rides similar to desert/primitive road riding (which is what I relate to here in Arizona).

I'm not trying to criticize Yamaha just because I ride Red. I am looking to buy a TT-R250 for my son and my wife rides a KX100. So Green, Blue or Red is alright with me.

Yamaha Motor Corporation

"All-new tapered swingarm features less weight and greater rigidity for more compliant rear suspension action. "

This causes a flag to go off for me: Tapered and less weight. Compared to my XR650R that is one skinny looking swingarm. :D I would like to know more about how this swingarm will handle high speed shocks.

And I suppose I do have a fondness for the XRs.


Ahh, but there's almost a desert. Silver Lake!

[ June 15, 2002: Message edited by: Tony Miller ]

i'll take a tight single track before that silver lake zoo anyday.

needsprayer, I hear ya about the tapered swingarm. It seems like every year they slim it down a little more. Im wondering if they are actually testing the load stress on them, and figure they can get away with less beef on it. Of course, less beef = money and weight saved. Being that its such a critical part of the machine, they better be damn sure about tapering it, or slimming it down. Engine wise tho, this bike has been problem free and started with 1-2 kicks everytime. :)

Yeh, I hear ya. Haven't been to Silver Lake in a long time, and then it wasn't so much to ride as to check out what was on the beach (My eighth wedding anniversary is two days away)!

i agree, the scenery on the beach is way better than looking at trees in the woods all day. :D:D:D:)

There was a post on here with a link to Yamaha's Japanese website with an article about some new casting technology process that Yamaha had perfected. It claimed to need less material to make stronger and lighter castings... perhaps this is one of the results of that process...



Your XR is built to last. The new WR450F has been put on a diet to make room for the e-start. It remains to be seen if that swingarm will handle desert riding.

Don't sell your XR until you get a chance to ride this flashy new toy. :)

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