2000 wr400 carb holes, and broken parts

I was cleaning my carb and adding the BK mod, and i found a few issues, and wondered if they will be an issue.

#1 they look like jagged casting flaws into the 2 carb bowl mount screw areas...problem?

#2 P/o broke off the jacket surrounding half the idle jet.....problem?


My carb has the same deal (2000 wr400), seems to run fine. But I am still trying to get the jetting right.

tt anyone else know 100% if its ok?

I think the piece broken off arounf the pilot jet will cause some trouble as it may affect the fuel flow up thru the jet. The other holes don't appear to be an issue. if you have the piece that broke off, JB weld that bad boy back on. If not, you may want to post up a wanted ad and see if anyone who'se put an aftermarket float bowl on wants to get rid of their stocker...

If not, you may want to post up a wanted ad and see if anyone who'se put an aftermarket float bowl on wants to get rid of their stocker...

Birdy - he can't do that - That's part of the carb, NOT the bowl.....

I'm with Birdy - try to jb weld the part on, if you don't have the part , hmm- ever completely create something new out of JB weld - I think it's possible - replicate the piece (outer dimension) by filling an appropriately drilled piece of plaster, remove plaster, drill appropriate inner hole - so now you'd have a JB weld tube, grind away JB weld until you're left with a piece the shape of the broken off corner, then JB weld the JB weld piece onto the carb......

yeah, its the actual carb. it only appears to go to the screw areas.... it dosent leak.

Im more worried about the broken shroud around the idle jet. However, there is another plastic peice that goes around the whole thing.... the Previous owner broke the metal peice off so i dont have it. should I break the other side off so the flow is even?

The fuel still has to go through the jet as a metering orfice. so hopefully i will be fine

OOOpps...it is the carb side...be gentle...I'm TDY in the United Arab Emirates, and not as sharp as I should be...No, don't break off the other side. How does the bike run...or does it? If it runs OK, I would not worry about it (though I would be surprised). If you are getting surging, sputtering, etc in the bottom of the powerband that you can't jet out, I would give Matt's suggestion a try...try building up the ara with JB weld, then dressing it off smooth...good luck!

Not to worry Birdy - no one's getting rough with you!

That portion of the casting may well act as a "straw" to draw fuel from the bowl, so if you cut a portion of the straw away on one side it'll start to suck air unless you raise the fuel level beyond that (a definite no no) - that's why fixing it might resolve any issues you might be having.

If you decide to fix it, make sure you take the jet out before fixing it so you can clean up any squished out JB weld with a drill after it's cured.

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