Recommended Air Filter Oils and Cleaners

What air filter oils and cleaners do you guys use? I've been using PJ1 and I've run out so I may change brands.

Any suggestions?


I wash mine out with fuel, always have, and i use A/f oil called filter fix, if i'm riding the next day and ive run out, i use gear oil 80/90.

Hi David_W,

I use No Toil Oil and Cleaner. The stuff works great. Nothing ever gets past. I use the oil spray. Application couldn't be easier. To clean them, I put filters (I rotate 3)in clothes washer, add some Tide and some No Toil Cleaner. The filters come out looking new everytime. Oh, and there isn't any residue left in washer, which may or may not save your a*s. I have heard the cleaner will break down glue from Uni brand filters but haven't had any problems thus far.


Torco FFO, easy to apply and super-tacky, it catches everything. Cleans up with warm water and dish soap. I used to use cheap two-stroke oil and clean with gas and never had a problem either.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Alright David you asked for it! here come the barrage of suggestions!!! LOL

I use Maxxima Fab-1. Tackiest stuff on the planet. Its like molasses on your filter.

Clean it off with kerosene. Less harsh on your filter than gas.

Stupid question? Where to you pick-up kerosene from? Coleman lamp fluid?

Well, theres actually a little filling station down the road from me that has a pump. Its the only one in town that I know of.

(hope they never go out of business) :)

Another vote for No-Toil. The oil is great. The cleaner works fast and makes the job easy. The stuff is awesome and is bio-degradeable too. Wash your filter in the kitchen and dump it down the drain without a worry.

Plus they have a cool website.

Thanks for the replies. I used the No-Toil stuff before and liked it, but I can't get it in the UK anymore :). I'll phone around the local shops. Don't think I'll be doing much riding this weekend anyway. Everywhere is under about 2 feet of flood water... :D

I like my Maxima FFT synthetic foam filter oil (and UNI filter). It's sticky as hell, very stable with no immigration and sorta hard to clean...I wonder how tough the No-Toil is, since it's so easy to clean. Has anyone tried UNI air filter oil?

I wonder how tough the No-Toil is, since it's so easy to clean

Thats why I quit using it. It did not seem tacky at all to me compared to the other spray on filter oils and it dissolved the glue out of 3 of my Uni-Filters!

Make me wonder how much gunk made its way past the filter when I was using No-Toil....

Hi dominator,

Yes I have used the Uni Filter with Uni Oil. I liked it so much I stopped using it and went right back to No Toil. I am not saying the Uni oil is bad. Some like it and I am sure it works. For ease of use and/or effectiveness I can't think of a reason to ever switch to anything else.


I use fuel to clean the oil from my filter and I then wash it with soap and water. I use PJ1 spray filter oil. It is the best that I have ever tried


I have had the same issue with NoToil and my UniFilter. Disolved the glue around the rim of the filter. Superglue fixed it right up and has held it solid ever since. I don't think NoToil is as super tacky as some of the other oils but it's soooo easy to clean it's silly. I make sure to use a liberal amount of oil on the filters and clean them after every ride.

I also vote for No Toil oil, cleaner, etc. I use either their filter or a UNI. Its so much easier to clean and biodegradable.

I've been using PJ1 for a while and have had no problems of any kind. No reason to change.

Just put the firsts miles on my WR and was wondering if any of you have something against motul air filter oil?


Math :)

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