just bought a new 2002, oil on the shock???

hey.. just bought a 2002 left over wr 426 havent even ridin yet and there is oil on the rear shock :) is this normal??? please let me know

No, it's not normal.

If the oil is on the bottom of the shock on the bumper it suggests the oil seal that runs over the chrome shaft is leaking. Make sure it's not chain lube you sprayed that got on the shock!

Sometime the shock seals weep a little bit even on new bikes that need to be broken in.

If it is just a little then maybe you could ride a little and see if it seals up. If the oil is dripping to the floor then the shock should be removed and a new seal inserted. The dealer should pay for this.

You might consider a revalve while the shock is out.

Remenber, you only have a 30 day warrantee! Clean off the oil and ride. If oil returns, see the dealer before warrantee runs out.


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