How to alter the mileage reading on a WR400?

First of all this is genuine im not trying to alter the mileage reading for any dodgy reason!

My bike is an import with the speedo in kmh but in the UK speed limits are in mph,I have bought a speedo thats in mph but the mileage is way lower than what it should be.

Is it possible to open up the speedo and change the reading to make it higher without breaking it?


Easy to make the miles more. Put an elextric drill on the speedo cablwe, run it for 1/2 hour, see how many miles it added. Calculate how long it will take to gwet where you want it, set a timer (like you use for lights when you are away) to get it close.

Good idea but i know people that have broken the speedo from using a drill as it breaks the mechanism

I have never heard of it breaking a speedo. Possibly if you run it to fast, you could overheat it.

Why fool with it. Just make a note of mileage difference. If you sell the bike let the prospective buyer about the speedo change and mileage difference. They will appreciate your honesty.

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