'06 YZ450 OEM Sprocket Sizes

I've received some conflicting information concerning the stock sprocket sizes on my '06 YZ450. The owner's manual indicates that the "secondary reduction" is a 49/13. When checking some of the after market mfgs - they've indicated everything from 13 - 14 in the front and 49 - 51 in the rear. I'm happy with the current ratio - so I'm looking to stay the same. Can someone please confirm that I should go with the 49 in the rear and 13 in the front? Thanks...

The mausl will be more accurate than any information you would get form the after market in most cases, as they may be referring to a different year model, which would be geared differently dur to changes in the primary reduction ratio.

In any event, you can simply count out the gearing you have now and duplicate it.

Stock gearing is indeed 49/13 (3.77:1), and that's what I run on my own, currently. My son prefers the 48/13 (3.69:1) on his bike, and I may go that way, also, since I ride mostly desert.

How you should gear the bike depends on a number of things. A lot of guys used to drop the gearing of the 4 speeds by adding a tooth to the rear, but quite a few people who have done this to an '06 have reverted to the original 49/13.

Thanks Gray - much appreciated...

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