WR400 versus WR450

I have a 01 WR400 with all modifications done like engine and exhaust but i always go riding with friends who own a KTM520 and a HUSQ570 as you can imagine i'm short of power to keep up with them, what about the new 450? Is it competitive against ktm520 what about the power difference with a wr400? Please help me cause i'm about to order a new wr450, ktm is no option cause there too expensive

Well none of us have ridden one yet so we can't say what the new WR450 is like. It will be released in a few weeks, we all hope. One can speculate that it will have more power than a 400 but were all waiting to see.

There are areas in which a WR400 will fall behind a 520/570 whatever, deep sand and straight aways. But, you should be able to keep up with your buddies no problem if your ability allows. Only in a drag race, wide open straight away, should your WR fall behind. In the trees and twisty single/double track, doesn't matter how many cc's you've got, it's all ability!!

No one know's if the 450'y will beat the bigger bikes in a drag race, I would venture a guess as "no". It's a numbers thing........


Dodger :):D

I have riden the 450 YZ and for the miniscual difference in power. It's not worth (to me) going back into debt. IMHO the only places the 500+ motors will out do you is smooth deep sand and wide open terrain. Any other place rider skill will let you keep up.

If you have no issues with starting your bike and don't suffer from the "Have to have new" syndrome: invest in hopups. You can get a big bore, suspension service, and all sorts of other goodies for what you would spend getting the new bike. :)

I just hope the WR has the glitch off idel hicup fixed. I had a YZ426 that put me over the bars on a set of big wooops. Traded it in on a RM250 right after that. I was lucky and did't get hurt but the 4" hole in the dirt from the pipe told me to trade it in. Did not know of TT at the time, and maybe I could have fixed that problem.

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