How do I change my oil on WR?


Like we need an excuse to fire up these beasts. Keep riding hard and thanks for all the responces in the past.

Dennis :)

No experience with the dry sump oil system and don't have my repair manual for my '98 WR yet. It looks like there is a drain plug in the bottom of the case as well as in the frame. How much oil does is take? Do I put 1 quart in, start it, kill it, and then check the dipstick? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Drain frame, then cases, then check/change/clean filter. I like to lean it over on me when I remove the filter cover so I can catch whatever oil still remaining in there, otherwise it’ll run down the cases. I cut the front/top out of a gallon milk container, leaving the handle intact for use as a backstop for oil shooting out of the frame reservoir drain hole. You will need something similar if you want to keep oil off the front fender (and the floor).

As long as there aren’t any holes in the mesh, and the rubber seals are intact, you can backflush and reuse the filter.

I don’t bother with the dipstick, I just replace whatever came out with 1.7 liters or 1.8 quarts. I’ve used Yamalube 4R semi-syn and Mobil 1 15w-50 automotive full syn with good results, but the latter is cheaper.

If you want to check the level between changes you are right, you need to run the motor for a bit to get an accurate reading. I also like to warm it up before changing, warm oil drains quicker and it gives me an excuse to fire it up in the garage.

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