Clarification Needed!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

I hate to bring up an old worn out topic again, but I'm new to WR's and am stuck. What is the deal with the throttle stop on a 2000 WR 400? There are so many contradictory posts about this it's unbelieveable. Some say it should be removed outright. Has anyone completely removed one and had poor results? I believe that it is the same carb as the '01 and '02 426's, isn't it? If it should be left in but shortened, what is the ideal length and where exactly is it? I think that mine was already removed because I can't find any trace of it or mounting holes. If I should replace it with a YZ part, what is the part number? I know that no one wants to talk about this anymore, but I'm confused!!! Please, first hand knowledge only. THANKS for ANY help!!!

This post is from an earlier message from someone else:

yz throttle stop yamaha part # 5JG-14591-00

is excactly the right length so you don`t have to monkey around with cutting the WR one to the propper length. I missed twice

Search words are "throttle stop", and that is also the subject line. This part should take out any of the guesswork. I cut mine, but don't recall the exact length, so this is probably a better solution. Just removing it altogether will allow over-travel, and may confuse the throttle position sensor and screw up the signal to the computer that controls spark. This is what I would do.


I removed mine on a 2001 wr426 I havehad no problems in doing that. Its on the right side of carb(sitting on bike) screws in by the black plastic throttle cover I do believe its a 4mm allen head screw.

If I recall well, if you remove it completely it jiggers up a sensor az WOT. If you have the patience its probably better to shorten it.

Don't remove it completely! I cut mine down really short and the next time I took my carb off there was a little groove on the bottom side of the top carb cover where the slide was hitting it. When cut to short and you give it a whole lot of throttle the slide hits the bottom of the top cover. I just purchased a YZ throttle stop. Or cut it to, I believe 23mm.


If you find you have one, I would try trimming it first, then if you screw it up order the YZ one :) (It should be behind the black cover where the throttle cables connect to the carb)

If you remove the intake boot and look down the intake side of the carb you will be able to see the slide travel. You will need to trim the stop untill the slide is just flush with the top of the intake barrell.

I cut mine a little long first put it back in and measured it, took it back out and then filed it down untill every thing was flush. (this took about 3 or 4 times) This would be the correct length no matter what dimension it is.

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pull the thing out and thrash the balls off it.



You have a way with words, my friend!


Buy the YZ one, it even comes with the threadlocker compound on it.....

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