06' 450 rear shock leak?

Year and a half ago I baught a 06' hold over, so it's got a season and a half of 95% trail riding on it. I am 200# rider, so a little big, but suspension has not been heavily taxed. Anyways, a few weeks ago after riding in CO mountails I had it on the trailer and noticed rear shock shaft had a drop or so of oil on it. Have not ridden it a much at all since then, but if I ride around a bit there is hardly ever any oil on the shaft, but very occasionally a small ring of it on the shaft. My questions are this.......I know the forks on the 06' etc are prone to seeping, but is the rear shock the same?? (this is my 3rd yammi 4t and never had any probs with the 1st 2 despite many hrs of use).......How concerned should I be????......roughly what will it cost to put new fluid/charge/seal in shock if needed???....How much oil should cause me to be concerned??



i have never seen anytype of fluid leakage out of my rear shock shaft on my 06. is it dusty where u ride it

There should be no fluid on the shock rod at any time. The '06, or any other year YZ, does not have "an issue" with this; it's abnormal.

Was pretty muddy in places when I rode and noticed the leak and VERY dusty in other places in the same weekend. Rode the crap out of it today on a trail ride and no oil on the shaft at all afterward. Suspension feels normal, and I'd say at the most maybe 3 drops of oil were lost total. What do I do.....ride it and forget about it?? Any idea of cost of minor rebuild if things should progress?


If the rear suspension feels completely normal, and no more leaks are seen, I would think you're OK. Having a shock resealed (carried in) should be about 1.5 hours work.

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