Starting Problems

Just Brought a ex demo 2008 Wr450, took it for a decent ride over the week end for the first time, I was really impressed compared to my last bike which was a 2005 YZ450, Anyhow my problem is after turning the bike off of a 2 minute break it wont start as easy as other bikes i have seen, the WR seem to take 20seconds to turn over, I know this is going to be a big drain on the battery, Does anyone have any Idea on what may be the problem or what im doing wrong.


You are using the hot-start lever aren't you?

Mine fires up instantly (when hot) if I use the lever and no throttle.

In fact I almost always kick-start it.


Yeah, the hot start lever helps, i dont think its working now you mention it, my yz spot on when it came to starting, any ideas on what could be wrong with the hot start the lever seems really stiff

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