the real world brake-in procedure

Hi , so what i need confirmation of is the best brake-in technic when u put in

an new piston and rings...and the thruth of

recommendation of so called "HARD BRAKE INN" that u can and shoud blast it

from wery beginning all ready with short and hard bursts that the rings seals

properly....good or no good ...or is the manual soft driving metod better..:excuseme:

Today's engines and parts are made with such accuracy and good surface finishing that there really isn't any need for a "break in period". After a rebuild your rings seat within the first few seconds to a minute of running, so it doesn't really matter what method you choose, since by the time the engine is warm enough to ride it hard (or to ride it easy if you chose), the engine is already broken in. Personally I like to take one easy ride on it after a rebuild, but not for break in purposes. I do it more to make sure that everything was put together right. I don't want to ride it hard and find out a c-clip wasn't in right and have the engine lock on the race of a jump.

+2 on KJ790 comments

If everything is assembled correctly...I think its needs to be put under moderate to heavy load, but not absolute peak rpm. High rpm can be a struggle for the ring to seat correctly, I think I read about ring flutter or something.

I have always built it, started to make sure it all runs correctly on the stand....then run it fairly hard for 10 minutes and let it cool, change the oil, and go! That's me, always have had great results, but kj is pretty much right, the better the machine work and componants the less break in period it all needs.

Warm it up well by riding easy for 5-7 minutes, then ride it at 80-90% of it's capability for the first 30-60 minutes. Change the oil and go.

a couple heat cycles, then like gray said, ride at 80% for a bit. Change oil and let her rip.

if it grenades at that point Yamaha is still one of the only brands with a 90 day warranty or is it 30? either way, you wont need it.

Thanks for great info...i love it that i dont have to sissy ride it for


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