2009 real world ride reports? Where they at?

Title says it all. I called the local yammie shop yesterday and they had 3 in stock. I know people have them. Do you think everyone is waiting to get a fuel inj. bike?

A YZ 09 ride report.....I rode one and it is basically like a 08. The power sux compared to my 06 but this was with a stock pipe on the 09. The suspension is really the biggest asset. The front is a little better than my modified 06 but not by much and it corners a little better, but slight. It soaks up everything nice but is undersprung for me. The brakes are a little better. I could tell no real difference in the fancy scmancy swingarm. The rear shock works great maybe a little better than a 08....I guess due to the new linkage/swingarm.

The 09 is a refined 06, 07 and 08...power is less and smoother than my 06. Suspension is the best of all 450s and it handles decent...I give it a 8 on a scale of 1-10.

2010 will be a completely new 450 for blue.

I just bought an 09 YZ450. I just came off of an 08. It is basically the same as my 08 but I noticed the 09 does turns a little better especially in berms. Everything else is pretty much the same. Just my 2 cents.

I just rode my buddies, had exactly 4 hours on it when I rode it, and everything was good.

Not much different that the previous years, but it is solid all around. I felt that the power in the low to mid was really lack luster....but if you twist the throttle to the stops...its hauls ass on the top end.....

good suspension, turns well, solid bike id say.

If you want to get more bottom...get a pipe. Stock it truly sounds like a trail bike.

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