Help buying YZ450F Please

Hey, I'm considering a 450F for a second bike. I don't race but spend an evening at our local track every other week. This is my first year on a dirt bike. Is there any years to look for or look out for in the YZ450F? I would like the alum. frame one's, what year did they start to make them? I also ride alot with my son, he's on a 50. My 2stroke isn't good for putting around, will the 4stroke be better/worse? Any suggestions would be well appreciated...........

If you are following the little one around keep you 2 stroke or get a 250F.

I would say I follow the little guy around %20, race track %50, woods/trails %30. Also I am 6'1" 250lbs so I really like the power of the 450 over the 250.

The aluminum frames started in '06. A bike that late or later is worth the difference just for the suspension.

i have the 06 and its amazing for fast trails.

in the tight trails if you go first-second gear 90% of the time they tend to over heat. since i put engine ice it never boild.

but it still dont like slow riding.

i put about 100 hours everything in spec. new tires chain and front seals.

oil every 5h

Get a 450 even if you don't need the power right now. It's easier to grow into the extra power.

the 450 would be great for putting around its got alot of low end torque so u can keep the revs down.

IMO if you're not going to really be on the gas, or getting the bike off the ground very much, you should look into one of the "X" model bikes, electric start, headlight, green sticker, year round family style bike (but still fun on the track with a few mods)...The YZs are after all race bikes, they don't like to putt around, and they require short maintenance intervals...

Goose, i was just gonna say that.

You can get a WR to keep up to the YZ no problems, but you wont be as beat up at the end of the day and it will be much better to follow around the youngster on.

I love the WR's --- i wish i could afford one as a second bike.

Smooth power, gearing thats perfect for a lazy day trail ride, yet still able to ride at the track on practice days, plus the cherry on top -- the big E button (electric start)

The yz is a better all round bike IMO The yz does better on the trails than the wr does on the track. Just personal preference.

imo it really depends on the speed you plan to ride at, If your into going mx occasionally go for the yz as the extra bhp really helps to keep the front end light. :excuseme:

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