just called east coast dealer to ask question?

well i just got of phone with a yamaha & kawasaki dealer on east coast.they have good price on d&d exhaust system,so i called to ask what Db sound test result were for D&D exhaust he said "i wouldn't know we dont worry about that out here we like to run bikes as loud as we can" i'm not posting dealers name cause maybe the parts department guy is a moron and dealer just hasnt realized it yet.i bought stuff from them in past a they seemed pretty knowledgable.so,im giving them benefit of doubt.i would just like to say riders in MASS. dont be surprised when enviromentalists are putting fences and locked gates around your riding areas.its only a matter of time if everyone in your area has same attitude as that parts department guy.

the problem in mass isn't the loud bikes, there is a mx track right down the street from my house, adn u can hear those bikes miles away. the problem is that people here are real sensitive about "their" property. they don't want bikes in the woods because they'r overprotective bastards. if you wish to ride in new england, here's a tip, go further north! the farther north you go, the more accepting people are of bikes and atv's. i've been riding in the berkshire mountains, that's in northwest mass, and those people are nice to dirtbikers, i've even had friendly waves from HIKERS, and MOUNTAIN BIKERS!

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