1984 Husqvarna WR 400: Ride Review Lite

I love this bike!

Hands down the most reliable post vintage bike I've raced and ever


Well, this weekends AHRMA Mid Atlantic CC raced was cancelled on

thursday afternoon due to an injury suffered by the track owner. And

so now I was sitting there with my Husky all dressed with no place to

go. Mike Murphy (Rokon Rebel!) called me and asked me if I'd like to

have a vintage only trail ride at West Virginia's Tomahawk MX Track.

I don't usually trail ride my old Euro Iron because I like to keep

them well oiled and squared away for race events only. But hey, with

no race on the horizon, why not ride it?

While Mike pulled the rope on his Rokon, I made some small

adjustments on my Husky, and fired the ol' beast up...Mike, always

tells me that he old and slow -- yeah, uh, right. So he told me lead

through the woods. Now I know I'm not as fast as Mike, but I think

Mike was using his ol' man reverse psychology jedi mind trick to push

the pace -- Oh yeah, it worked.

The conditions were greasy and sloppy, as it had just rained all day

friday, and there were 3-4 foot water filled holes all over the 5

mile loop trail. The trail is combination of every thing -- rocks,

roots, brief little high speed freeways -- a nice mix. However, it

truly was a mess out there in the woods. As a matter of fact,

everybody else rode the MX track, there was absolutely no else on the

trail except us.

To make a short long, I have had my fair share of marquis post

vintage Euro GS/Enduro bikes over the past few years, and I've owned

this Husky since 2005, but with the exception of a worn out CS seal

which I recently replaced, this bike is like combining a Panzer and

Sherman tank -- the best of both worlds. Strong, reliable, well

suspended, stable even in the worst of condition, neutral to very

precise and quck steering, and the brakes even work well in the wet

conditions. I was truly amazed at just how well this bike tracked at

higher speeds in these condtions.

But the best feature of this bike -- THE MOTOR!...

It's one of the best powerbands I've ever ridden, can be ridden like

250, but when you really wick it up then you know your on an open

class bike. Blaze or Lug -- take your pick, this Husky does it all.

I currently own a couple of Yamaha IT's and a 79 Maico 250 GS (best

handling bike I've owned Modern or Vintge -- bar none!) -- good bikes

in there only lil' way; BUT, the Husky is the total package. It does

everything well...And for post vintage racing, that's just enough for


So if you ever get hands on one, don't let it go...and if you know

someone who is looking to sell an a 84-85 Husky WR 400 (ITC Twin

Shock) drop me a line or two...2 Husky's are better than just one!

Oh BTW, it was good riding with Mike "Rokon Rebel" Murphy, he pushed

to me another level this weekend and the muscle aches and pains I

feel were well worth it.

400WR is still thought of as Husky's greatest enduro bike. It was just listed as one of the top ten off road bikes in Dirt Bike. I didn't realize that AHRMA allowed a water cooled bike in post vintage.



As long as it doesn't have disk brakes and a pro-link type suspension your good to go for AHRMA CC.

I love my 83 WR430 for the same reasons but am also always looking for an 84-85 WR 400 2 shocker for the same reasons you wrote.


I bought an '83 WR 430 this summer to race post-vintage and it is the sweetest bike I have ever owned. I have trail ridden it a half dozen times and in the trees it's magic. I'm sure the WR 400 is even better and hopefully a bit quieter 'cuz my 430 is noisy.

Thanks for the review......I didn't know much about these particular ones.

I've always wanted a twin shocker just for the experience factor. Maybe one day, and it looks like that's the one to have.


You're welcome...

A buddy of mine thinks I'm crazy b/c I said if I my 08 KTM 250 was inoperable for a modern HS, that I'd use the Husky for a back up...He said people would be making fun of me...Hell, let 'em laugh I told him...I'd run it in a NY minute...As a matter of fact I might just bring it out for an upcoming HS at Millville, NJ on 12 Oct...As I once told him "don't let them twin shocks fool ya' brotha -- ol' Olaf has got some 'soul'"

Yep, 84 WR400 was one of the best bikes they ever built.

Still miss mine.


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