cost of new plastics?

Hi again guys. Im thinking of registering the 426 to use as a daily commuter. None of the lights work and the speedo doesn't work. Anyway firstly I was thinking of getting a new rear fender with an LED tail light, possibly one from Acerbis and Ill prob get a new front fender while im at it. Does anyone know how much these are worth?

Also im in Australia if anyone knows where I might be able to get them


i would check old shop (afterburnermx) used to do stuff on ebay.if not go to and look for em on there.they do free shipping on orders over $99 still i believe.

In us dollars, a YZ rear fender is about 20 bucks, a Baja Designs LED tail light (better part than the Acerbis, I think) is about 60 bucks, and a front fender is about 18 bucks. Bike Bandit, Rocky Mountian ATV and Chaparral Racing in the US should all ship internationally, but I imagine it's pretty pricey. Don't know abot the exchange rate between USD and AUD as well..

If your just looking for a plate holder and tail light this one is great, and cheap 1/2 the price of the Bajadesigns one...

It tucks neatly up in under the fender and the brake light is enough to illuminate the plate. I hate the look of a big monstorous thing stickin off the back fender. This is a neat little peice that does the trick. LED too!

For signals, I I mounted a set of flush mount marker lights to the side of the YZ style fender, which has already been mentioned is only about 20 bucks.

Yeah i stumbled across that the other day. UFO also do a complete plastics kit which I might look into. Not that there's too much wrong with the old ones they're just a bit discoloured and scratched in places and I want to tidy the bike up a bit.

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