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First off love the site.... now on to business, I just purchased a 2005 wr450f awesome bike, last bike i had was a yz250 i think it was a 89, it was fast, but this thing is fassssst. i am doing a street conversion, turn signals brake light, horn. I purchased a k&S switch 2 sets of amber led turn signals, hydraulic brake light switch. i have the brake light hooked up and ready to wire the handle bar switch, does anyone have a diagram, I know the package has the color code, but i just want to make sure. Thanks for any help.

here's the factory yamaha wiring ds wiring diagram for a 04 wr 450 it may help you.


baja design's new style turn switch with the red high/low button

Black w/ white stripe – Kill wire. Attach to stock kill wire that the stock kill button unplugs from.

Blue w/ white stripe – Kill wire ground. Attach to chassis ground (or factory wire that goes to chassis ground.)

Blue – Power in. Attach to fused DC power.

Red – Accessory power out. Hot in either of the two upper switch positions. Use to power taillight, turn signals, & horn.

Light Green – Power to low beam.

Yellow – Power to high beam.

Brown – Power to left turn signals.

Dark Green – Power to right turn signals.

Orange – Power to turn signal switch from flasher relay.

Pink – Horn wire. Attach to one side of horn.

Black – Ground for horn and high beam indicator. Attach to DC ground (not always chassis.)

thanks for the help i will let you guys know how it goes!

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