new guy

been a member since february but never got around to coming just introducing myself. my names cody and im from simi valley. i currently own a 2006 wrf450 all done up,a 1993 cr125 done up as well and for sale(check my classified), and also i got my lady a 2004 ttr125 big wheel. so hello to all

sup cody... glad u r here, there is alot of information and sometimes a great place just to shoot the sheet.

Welcome. Great looking bike! Hope to see you out on some of the rides...Semen Valley isn't too far from the desert!

good to meet ya, My 13 year old son has a ttr125 as well. great little bike

see ya down the trail

thanks guys..and no its not too far...once the heat starts going ill be out there every weekend...and the ttr125 is for the lady...i just got her into riding so i had to buy her a bike and all brand new gear..she still has yet to use it since i got it in summer

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