How in the He!!........Rear Master Cylinder Needed

Dammit, was spinning some circles last weekend out at the track, and about half way through the day, my buddy looks down at my bike and asked "what's that hanging from your bike!"................

My rear brake master cylinder, the very one that sits behind that nice stout guard behind your right foot, was hanging by the break hose............sweeeeettt :D, I thought to myself!! Haven't wrecked in any fashion that would warrent it breaking, no one's smashed into me "lately", so kind of a mystery as to why it let go all of a sudden at the track.

Any whooo, I was joking to my buddy that the stupid plastic cylinder was probably going to cost something crazy like $60 or $75 dollars.........I just priced one at the local shop, they want $116 for it :):D :D!!

So, what do you guys think I should do, does anyone know of anyone who may have one for sale. Are their other alternatives as to where to get one, maybe somewhere a little cheaper!

On the good side, it only broke at the tab that bolts on, and the integrity of the plastic is still thick enough that I've just zip tied, and duck taped it into place (Here we've got the 3059th use for duct tape!!) so I'm still riding with fury.

BTW, it's part number 5JG-2583V-00-00, so I was told.

Thanks guys..........


Dodger :D :D


You need to slap your dealer. The plastic brake fluid resivour is a $12 part. I replaced mine this summer. Its right next to the exhaust. It gets hot and brittle from the heat radiating from the pipe. Mine split right down the side and was leaking. But if we are talking the same part, the rectangular resivour that has the metal cap held on w/ 2 screws, hose comes out the bottom, mounting tab off one end. Then yea its $12. The dealer might of thought you were talking about the master cylinder. That might be $116.

Someone on the yz250f side just posted with the same problem.

I think there's someone selling it over at the parts and accossories folder. If not, check out e-bay, I saw one off a yz450 brand new for sale. The start bid was about $30.

You are most likely very correct, the parts guy and myself were on two different pages. Price quoted $18.99, seems like they are always a bit higher than anyone else, but I guess that's what you're able to do if your the only game in town........

Thanks y'all.......

Dodger :D:)

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