2001 wr426 seat compatible with yz426 seat

I have a 2001 wr426, I was trying to find a used wr426 seat but cant find any. I was wondering if any other years of yz seats are compatible if any?

Only if you run a YZ tank, which, by the way, is a great mod. You can runt he 3.4 gal IMS or Clark YZ tank, not lose any fuel capacity, and get much better ergonomics. I would have to rate the YZ seat/tank mod the 3rd best you can make to the older WRs...rihgt after autodecomp cam and suspension...

Where in Cali are you? I have a WR seat that I can part with...

I live in Tracy, its just outside of Livermore in the BayArea. I'vd got a acerbis gas tank and an aftermarket seat but i was trying to lighten up the bike with less gas capacity. I think the seat that is with the acerbis tank is a tall seat because in the pictures that I have seen the other seats seem very thin. Just trying to get a seat so I can ride it around the track or switch tanks when I go riding at Hollister or ForestHill. I work in San Jose, Im usually out at 1:30pm every day. Let me know, Thanks. Will

Do you know if your aftermarket tank and seat are "YZ" or "WR"? The nose of the WR seat is considerably steeper than the YZ seat, and the two are not interchangable...

I have 2 tanks, i want to use the stock wr tank. The acerbis tank is taller and the seat is longer than the stock seat. Its about 5 inches longer than the seat that I need to fit the stock tank. I've been looking for used seats that I can just get a new seat cover for or if I can find one thats not too expensive. I'd take a tall or whatever. When I bought the bike it had the acerbis tank and the aftermarket seat. Then he gave me the old tank but he gave the seat to another friend so I'm trying to find that stock seat.

PM me your address...if shipping isn't too much, I'll cover it, otherwise I'll let you know and you can send some bank. Stock WR seat from an 01 in very good condition...

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