Will the 08 headlight and Speedo Fit the 06?

Im curious as to know if the 08's headlight will fit the older model.

I think the newer looks alot sleeker.

Also would it be worthit changing the anoloque speedo I have now to the digital one from the new one also? Or should I just fit a VAPOR?

the headlight can be made to fit fairly e-z

I have a 07 wr 450 And put a vapor on it because the stock was a piece of :excuseme: . I put a vapor on mine.


vapor looks great!

Is the dampner worth it ?

I have noticed the head wobble when I wheelie at 40mph and dropping it down at about 60mph on a dirt road. But that could just be my tire pressures

I have the light pod on my 06 from an 08, just have to fab up a new lower bracket, not hard, there are pics on here, and i have a vapor also, so not sure bout the puter but i would say it should fit.

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