A Couple Engine Teardown Q's

I've got a hanging intake valve on my 01 WR426. I was hoping not to have to take the motor off the bike to do the rebuild (I'm planning on piston/rings and new valves if needed)

But what stops me from getting the head off is the forward mounted timing chain plastic slider. The head can not be lifted high enough to clear this piece. Does anyone know how to get the slider out, or is this the single piece that makes on-bike head removal impossible?

BTW, I think I can see why the valve is hanging, there is a good layer of carbon soot all over the head surface. Any hints on what to use to clean it up?


You have to juggle things a bit, but the head does come off...you might try taking the flywheel and stator off to get to the bolt that holds tha read cam chain guide, and take that loose. Then you can jockey things around to get the head up a bit and then move the front guide up and aft. Once the pin that holds the guoide is free from the cylinder, you should be able to move it around to get the head off...

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