BlueRibbonDadsday or B-day,

Instead of that same old shirt or even worse a tie

why not ask for a membership to the blue ribbon coalition. That shirt will mysteriously disappear as a shop rag.But these guys are in a war with some really deep pockets on the other side. My own

birthday is 2 days away now I know what I'm getting until I'm wormfood. it's a gift I'll cherish forever land to ride on.Thanx for the time. oldasdirt

Now there's a man with a head on his shoulders! Great job, oldasdirt!

How about the rest of you guys that haven't joined yet? Let's get to it. There's a good fight brewing with the greenies, and I want a front row seat. Pay up or park it!



$250 for lifetime membership seems cheap.

OK I'm outta here.

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