400 or 426

So what's the difference between the 400 and 426 in real terms?

I'm just about done with my very modded XR280, and I want something with more power and better suspension. I'm doing mainly enduro and hare scrambles (hare and hounds here in the UK), and quite a bit of trail riding. I ride quite a lot of tight technical stuff in these events.

What's the 426 got that the 400 hasn't, apart from ultimate power/torque. I'm not the fastest rider in the world, and I'd much prefer something a bit more user friendly rather than just fast. That's why I don't like 2 strokes.



How about a 450. Never been on a 400 ,I love the power of my 426. Easy to start ,hard to stall , powerful but very controllable.

I swapped my 400 for my mates 426 on the weekend and I could hardly tell the difference. Mine is a pretty modified 1999 model and his was stock 2002. If I was after a new bike Yamaha would still get my money. If you are buying new then it might be worth waiting for the magic button.


Go 450! It has an e-button!

I'd love to go 450, but I really haven't got the money for a new one, and I don't actually mind kick start. I can generally get my XR280 away on stopped engine race starts quicker than the DRZ boys, just a question of learning a drill that works really.

I guess from the replies that for a rider of my small ability it really doesn't matter if I get a 400 or 426, so I'll just look out for the tidiest bike I can find when the time comes. Anything in particular I should be looking out for?


Liam , try e-button.

You'll change your mind.

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